Going beyond
the expected

Going beyond
the expected


89% of people report being miserable at work. That's rubbish!

Not only is it bad for the employee; it's bad for business too. Imagine a world where this doesn't happen; where the right people are hired for the right jobs and enjoy their work. We want to build that world with you, on the solid foundation of our core values.


We believe in doing the right thing. That doesn’t mean we don’t mess up sometimes. We’re only human.

But when we do, we own it and we put it right. We believe in being honest with ourselves and with you. It's the only way we can grow together.


Although we have a strong sense of our own culture, values and attitude…

...we accept people are different and leave plenty of space for people to still express themselves the way they want. Different strokes for different folks.


At Wavelength, we’re always looking for ways to push the bar higher and grow sustainably…

…both as a team and as individuals. Every day is a new chance to improve on the day before. If you are focused on growth you will love working with us.


We’re cutting the BS. We speak in plain English and avoid jargon.

Whether you’re meeting us in person or using the Wavelength platform, you can expect us to be clear and direct.


We actively look for ways to have an impact.

From making simple improvements to overhauling the recruitment process, we go beyond the expected; creating a world where businesses and their employees are happy.


Our team are radiators, not drains.

We’ll find solutions and focus on the positive, with enthusiasm and humour, because that’s our culture. Hiring doesn’t have to be a grind, just ask our team.


Don’t get us wrong, our work is important…

…but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We believe that every day is precious, so why spend it with a long face?

Sound good to you?

Sound good to you? Got your head nodding in agreement at every point? Then you'll love working with us. Because as much as your new hires need to be on your wavelength, we must be too. Only then will you be ready to try something new.


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